Warranty Statement

We appreciate your patronage of SmartiBlue products. Please read the safety guide and this agreement carefully. By using this product you agree to be bound by this agreement and represent you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements.

Always follow the instruction in the manual, especially when the concerns devices which need to be assembled. This warranty is as the only voucher for the company product warranty. Upon the warranty and related sales invoice. It can obtain free warranty.


Two year warranty applies to most SmartiBlue hardware product unless other specified situation at the time of purchase. SmartiBlue only warrants the product that bought in Hong Kong. Accessories are not included in the warranty. SmartiBlue do not guarantee free repair service on the accessories items. The product warranty remains measured from the time it was bought by the original owner. Any other promises made by dealers beyond the guarantee of SmartiBlue, SmartiBlue will not assume any liability.

The following situations do not belong to free repair scope and SmartiBlue will provide paid services. Any product failure or damage caused by installation, usage maintenance, and storage that are not in accordance with usage instructions. Alter to tear up barcode on products or warranty card without authorization. For those beyond change or warranty period. Product serial number or type on warranty card does not match the product itself. Without getting the permission of SmartiBlue, change its inherent structure circuit privately, or dismantling or modifying without authorization.

To get service for your SmartiBlue product, you must provide the following information:

-          The part number of the SmartiBlue product.

-          Retailer/distributor where you purchased the product

-          Date you purchased the product

-          Copy of the original receipt

You can receive our service by visiting Unit 12, 10/F., Hong Man Industrial Centre, Hong Man Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.